About The Halcyon Practice

I studied at prestigious Clifton Practice in Bristol and was awarded a Diploma in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (DFSH). The Clifton Practice is the leading Hypnotherapy/Psychotherapy school in the world specialising in Solution Focused techniques.   

As a member of the ASFSH I continue to update my studies and learn new techniques through supervision and the latest courses available. 

I also hold a diploma of education in Psychology and am now in my final year of my BSC honours. Learning about how the mind works and why we behave in the way that we do is a passion of mine and learning new and improved ways of helping my clients in one of the driving forces behind The Halcyon Practice.  

 I am proud to say that I have been where you are. I have struggled with mental illness and that is how the Halcyon Practice came about. I wanted to understand why I felt as I did and how I could use that knowledge to help others. I signed up for my degree in psychology and I have not looked back. 

I am not ashamed of my battle; I am proud of all I have achieved and now helping others as I dreamt of when this all began. 

The Halcyon Practice offers complete empathy for your situation and it comes from a place of complete understanding.