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Hope for the underrated generations

Today I ventured out and one of my favourite things about being out in the car is having my music loud and rocking out on my own. Music is a huge passion of mine and can change my mood in an instant, so I must be extremely careful at times to choose my music wisely. I was listening to Yungblud “hope for the underrated youth” and I started thinking about the whole Millennial, gen X, Baby boomer culture we are stuck in now. I have been so privileged to be raised by a boomer, be a Gen x and raise a millennial. The most wonderful thing about raising a millennial has been watching them grow into everything I wished for them. Independent, strong, intelligent, tolerant, and willing to stand up and be counted.

I often read about the snowflake generation that is offended by everything but isn’t that such a negative understanding of what this amazing generation is trying to accomplish? To look at the world and see what is inappropriate and false and turn it into something far more beautiful. To appreciate each human being for their strengths and differences instead of pointing fault and being discriminatory. I am proud to say that my transgender f2m millennial has taught me so much. Together we have given each other the best of our generation's experience, he is now a huge fan of most things 80’s and 90’s and I have been taught to open my eyes the way I taught him when he was so young. I have become more tolerant, open-minded.

I grew up in a time where I did all I could to fit in, to not be different, right down to borrowing a river island carrier bag because my parents couldn’t afford to shop there but I didn’t want to be different from my peers. When my son told me, he was trans I was so fearful of all he would face. The bullying,

hate, and ridicule. I was judging things from a generation gone. Even in the 1990s, I cannot remember anyone in my year at school being gay or trans or identifying themselves as anything other than straight and sis gendered. I am sure there were plenty but how sad that it was not just normal to be you and openly live life as you choose. My son has been surrounded by love and friendship and kindness and nobody seems to even bat an eyelid. I am so so thankful. This blog post is also an apology to the strongest most amazing guy I know because stuck in my 90’s ways I sometimes found it hard to be as tolerant and understanding as I should have been and I want to express the total pride I feel for my amazing wonderful boy.

What is this to do with mental health I hear you all cry? Well, everything that we do as human beings creates feelings and emotions. Our tolerance or lack thereof has an impact on someone out there and I want you all to stop for a moment and think about a world where we all just accepted others as they are. Differences are celebrated, if you feel injustice is being served on another person speak up and be strong to say this is not right. Learn from one another, teach, and grow together. Still today mental illness is frowned upon and I have even been told “don’t believe in depression” I eyeroll as I write. Embrace and acknowledge each other’s feelings and work to raise everyone up to be the best they can be. This will not work for everyone but if we each try then isn’t that something that can change so many lives. Wake up tomorrow with purpose, wake up with the need to learn something new and teach something wonderful, be tolerant and kind, and watch it come back to you.

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