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Mental wellbeing is becoming increasingly popular. People are beginning to understand the importance of the mind and how it can affect every aspect of our lives. There is still a long way to go and it being a normal part of our routine is far from the reality for many.

I remember during my psychotherapy training some laughing at the idea of using hypnosis to heal the mind. Considered hocus pocus or a load of old S$%t was the view that some held. Sadly this is a view still shared by some.

In 2018 the Uk spent a staggering £7.6 Billion at hairdressers and personal care salons and yet it seems that many people still do not prioritise working on their mental health. NHS waiting lists for the standard 6 sessions are becoming longer and longer and with as many as 1 in 4 people suffering from mental illness it is time to make a change.

Where do we begin making this change? In the home, school and work mental health needs to be a priority rather than an afterthought. Measures to combat the ever-increasing problem should be preventative, instead we are still at the stage of closing the gate after the horse has bolted. Make mental wellbeing part of family discussions, make it a normal part of our lives.

Anxiety UK has sent out a call for everyone to join forces in tackling the increase in anxiety. The Office of National Statistics (ONS) have recently highlighted the problem and in a study conducted since the beginning of the covid-19 lockdown a shocking 53.1% of adults reported that there had been a negative affect on their mental wellbeing.

As the lockdown eases many in the population take to social media to show their much-needed haircuts and colours, new nails and a night out with friends. So many have yet to deal with the mental health issues that plague them. If you are one of those people who pushes their problems to the back of their mind hoping that it will go away, make a change! If you are scared for any reason, make the change. The halcyon practice offers FREE initial consultation and a relaxation MP3 so even if you only attend the consultation then you will have taken a step towards a brighter future. Book your no obligation consultation today and MAKE THE CHANGE!

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