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This week saw the Halcyon Practice open for business once more!

First the office received a deep clean as my son has been using it as an art studio over lockdown and it needed a good spruce. Feather duster and disinfectant in hand I began the task of getting ready for new clients.

As I cleaned, I began to feel my motivation returning, the old feeling of excitement I used to get when clients were coming. During lockdown I began to question my ability to help others, question if it was the path I wanted to take. The motivation left me and without motivation and the drive I felt my own mental health declining. The anxiety created by the pandemic was very real for everyone and as a therapist I was not immune to the fear that was induced into the hearts of every family. That mixed with little interaction with friends and family left me feeling very lost and unsure of the world around me. A feeling again shared nationally and internationally. The Knowledge that should have been a comfort was terrifying, the whole world connected but not in a glorious unification but in a fearful, grief-stricken panic.

Each week this was reinforced as the country united in celebration of the brave who worked hard to save lives and keep the country going as we stayed home as instructed. Banging saucepans, whistling and cheering and standing on my doorstep I would cry as I heard the distant cheers of others, hearing the families surrounding us all feeling the same as we did.

I considered writing on my wall and website but at that point I was not motivated, I was sick and as a family we now know that we did have Covid 19. I wanted to inspire those around me to feel great mentally, but I know that the key to mental wellbeing includes steps that were very difficult to achieve during lockdown. I reached out in the local community providing MP3 relaxation to those that needed it. For my neighbours who live in our cul-de-sac I created a Thursday night quiz where we all put an item into a box, usually a toilet roll or a bag of pasta and the winner took all. Sitting at the end of our front garden and talking to our neighbours gave us a real sense of community, a feeling of us against the world. I realised that we can each change the lives of others in the smallest of ways.

Lifting the spirits of another for me is the greatest feeling, helping them understand why their body is behaving the way that it is and how they can make the changes needed in order to help them get back on top of things. These small interactions can make all the difference, the chat at the end of the path, discussing the weather and wondering what is for tea. These small interactions really do make a difference.

So, the doors opened and in walked five new clients all looking to make positive changes in their lives and I immediately felt at ease. I really am made to help others, the strength and joy I get from seeing someone go from struggling to living their life the way they truly want is exhilarating.

So, here is to new beginning for us all and finding our new normal whatever they may be.

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