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Mental Health does not discriminate.

• 1 in 8 LGBTQ people aged 18-24 said they have attempted suicide in the past year • LGBTQ students were 91% more likely to be bullied. • 52% of LGBTQ people in the UK experienced depression in the last year. • 46% of Trans people considered taking their own life in the last year.

The statistics reveal a worrying number of the LGBTQ community have experienced Anxiety, Depression, had suicidal thoughts or attempted to take their own life in the last year. It is true that members of the LGBTQ are at a higher risk of suffering from mental health conditions than the general population. Those who have suffered described how they have experienced discrimination and harassment in their daily lives. Rejection from their families and friends and being subjected to hate crimes and incidents were just some of the contributing factors that had impacted their mental health and well-being.

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