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The Discovery of Me!

As I have grown in confidence as a therapist, I have learnt the value of being flawed. To portray an image of someone who is not or never has struggled with mental health would be a disservice to the amazing people that I work with.

Doctors have colds, mechanics break down, plumbers have leaks! I realised that the key is knowing how to fix things. I am now aware of the healthy practices that I need to keep in place for my own mental well-being. My practices are different to anyone else because they consider all my past events, my current worries, and thoughts of moving forward. I know my triggers and how to not indulge those areas that may cause my mental health to decline. I also know the things that will help me to rise above darker times. I make no secret that I am not a magic cure not for myself nor my clients. Working with my clients we unlock the coping mechanisms that work for them and the direction that they want to take their lives into.

Lock down is hard on the most mentally stable of people, the isolation, change of routine, home schooling! I feel it is essential for everyone to find something that helps pull them through and I have written this to share what it is that I have been doing to help deal with a very difficult time. It may inspire some to really think about how they can use this time to enrich their lives in such a way that it relaxes them in the process. Time to reflect, time to feel calm and at ease.

2021 is a year for self-discovery, I am wanting to grow and see if there are parts of myself that have led dormant waiting for me to explore.

My first area has been music, a great passion of mine. I always thought I had an eclectic taste and was a bit of a music buff. Not even one month into 2021 and I realise that this was wrong. I am working my way through Rolling Stone 500 albums of all time. So far, I have learnt that I actually love Bob Dylan, John Lennon on his own is very different to the Beatles and imagine is just the tip of the iceberg. I am a Stones fan and working my way through Led Zeppelin is really enjoyable. How have I gone 42 years without knowing this? I have downloaded an app that allows me to store and rate all the music that I listen to and it recommends more music based on my listening. Love it.

The next area of expansion has been reading. As a psychology student reading for pleasure has been limited and generally reading away from course text is usually something to do with Brain, mental health, behavioural psychology. I have stepped away from the day Job for my first book and reading Jack Kerouac - On the Road. It is nice to be able to read about something totally away from everything I know. I want to read famous authors, discover poetry find the edges of the world that are yet hidden.

I hope that at the end of 2021 I will have used my time to learn about me, to spend time in a positive way. To not occupy myself in these times would leave my brain numb and may lead to a change in my mood. 2020 and 2021 is a time of reflection a realisation that our way of life is even more fragile than we had believed possible. For me I am using this whole experience to soak up as much of the beautiful and wonderful things. This truly is the discovery of me.

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