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"Charlotte has done such an amazing job in calming my stress levels and putting me on a path of mindfulness. She understood what my troubles were and how they were manifesting and with simple instruction made me do a complete 360 in my life. I am now achieving things in my life and business I didn’t think was possible. If you get the chance have a session with Charlotte."

L, Greece

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I wasn’t sure what to expect when I was invited around to Charley’s for some deep relaxation. When I got there Charley was very welcoming, she had created a warm calm relaxing environment, that put me at ease straight away. I won’t go into detail about what she did as it’ll be a nice surprise. After I felt so relaxed I felt I was on cloud nine and felt good for the rest of the week. Definitely need to book in again and recommend very one should have ago and see Charley.
Charley you are amazing, thank you

C, Somerset

I have had some issues with sleep, due too my PTSD, first night of my new relaxation mp3 listened twice, slept for about 9 hrs hours! have had a good sleep every night since, I have also felt more relaxed and less anxious during the day. Really helped me get my breathing control back.
Thank you

Stephen, Portsmouth

Highly Recommend!

Charley is absolutely fabulous, she has helped me so much and i can't thank her enough for everything.

Our sessions are the best and make me feel so much better after.

Today i got to try the new massage mat and WOW it was amazing (i wanted to take it home) my body feels totally relaxed and it done my muscles wonders!!

Unfortunately for Charley she will never get rid of me.

I cannot thank her enough.

Charley was recommended to me when my son was having problems having his Covid jab. He had a very bad phobia of needles, so I contacted Charley who met with us and discussed the issues. We needed him to have the jab for travel in the near future and Charley fitted in 3 sessions for us in a short space of time. Charley worked with him and was amazing, she really understood the problem and knew exactly how to help him. After a few sessions Charley suggested booking an appointment for the jab and even came with us to help him through it. After having many failed attempts where he was literally hyperventilating he was pretty calm, happily took his jumper off and whilst Charley talked to him he had his jab! I was amazed!! Charley is a really lovely, caring person and I cannot thank her enough.

I will certainly be having future sessions and highly recommend

This morning I had my first appointment with Charley and I had Reiki and Hypnotherapy.

I have been extremely stressed over over last 9 months and started experiencing extreme anxiety. Charley recommended what she thought would benefit me best.

Charley was amazing, she explained it all to me and I had a great first experience. I came away feeling relaxed and less anxious and stressed than when I went in and today is the first day I haven't experienced chest pain or palpitations!

I will certainly be having future sessions and highly recommend

Thanks again Charley

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